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     Whatever sport you choose not to engage in boxing or whether it is bodybuilding, basketball or football, remember - the strongest always wins. It is for this reason, athletes, and those who do not do sports professionally, but has set itself high goals, use different kinds of additional additives:

- Oral Anabolic Steroids

- Steroid injections

- Post-cycle therapy

- Buy a course of steroids

    All these additives are used to enhance athletic performance. However, in modern society, not all of these supplements have a "good reputation". Is it really? No, this reputation is largely due to "frightening myths" that are passed by word of mouth competitors.


What effect other than increasing muscle mass can still be expected from steroid?


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that steroids are not only contribute to the growth of muscle mass, but also:

- Help to improve appetite in athletes;

- Help to cope with feelings of fear;

- Increase self-esteem;

- Increase the libido etc

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